A clear stance on an issue cannot be adopted unless one’s knowledge extends well beyond one’s own field of work. The broader picture needs to be brought into focus.

Pflüger Rechtsanwälte specialises in labour law. Since the firm was established in 1991 we have dealt with a wide range of individual cases as well as complex corporate restructuring measures and mergers. This has broadened our horizons and given us a crystal clear understanding of the different interests of employers and employees.

In early 2005 Pflüger Rechtsanwälte GmbH took over the reins. Saskia Steffen and Hakima Taous are the managing partners.

Our lawyers advise and represent individuals as well as all parties involved in changes of business operations, in other words members of works councils and trade unions – in medium-sized companies, banks, insurance companies and IT firms. 

Our office staff help to ensure that cases are dealt with promptly and effectively.

Today Pflüger Rechtsanwälte’s reputation in the field of labour law is also acknowledged outside the Rhine-Main region.