Office team

 Our legal services rely on the support of our office team. Three members of staff are our clients’ first point of contact. They answer questions about the status of the case in question and forward communications promptly when professional legal assistance is needed. A modern high-performance computer network equips the office team to deal smoothly with day-to-day business, keep records up to date and provide a first-class service even when the pressure is on.

Pflüger Rechtsanwälte GmbH
Kaiserstrasse 44
D-60329 Frankfurt am Main?
Phone +49 69 242689-0?
Fax +49 69 242689-11


Elke Weil, Pflüger Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt

Elke Weil

Andrea Spengler, Pflüger Rechtsanwälte, Frankfurt

Andrea Spengler